Find a Clog in Your Sewer

We can complete a sewer camera inspection in Las Vegas, NV

How can you break up a clog in your sewer without knowing where it is? To find out where the clog is, call Advanced Drain Jetting for sewer camera inspection services. Our team in Las Vegas, NV can use our plumbing camera to find the problem in your pipes, wherever it's hidden. We can also locate a leak or a larger break.

For a free estimate on your sewer camera inspection, call 702-706-6111 now.

Know the signs of a leak

Not every sewer leak is obvious. But there are a few common signs of a sewer leak, including:

  • Damp patches on your floor
  • Soggy areas on your lawn
  • Pests on your property
  • Foul scents in your building

If the leak reaches your foundation or another concrete feature, you might notice cracks or settling. To find out more, let our team inspect your sewer line with a plumbing camera right away.